Why Collaboration?

  • Financial Support– All know it’s very tough to gain funding on initials stage  of Entrepreneurial Journey so collaboration with other start-ups will enable you to share the funding to achieve the similar goal and it will save huge money when you share the  resource with each other to attain the common goals
  • Product Support – Its high chances that you are developing a product which modules are already developed with other company and they might be excited about to join your hand which will save your lots of time and effort which you can actually utilize in other required area to attain your success goals
  • Process Support – Starting from baby steps it will take lots of time, effort and money to automate your process which will ease the journey of development and help you to get the triumph of success so instead of that you can just collaborate with other existing company with similar nature of business who already spent that amount of time effort and money to reach that level.
  • Expertise sharing- Every company and individual having some own skill set and expertise if they join hand to share this expertise with each other then it not only going to help in their business but also to achieve the target.


Collaboration by people:

This might have gone overlooked but teams of different functions work under collaboration mode. In an organization, teams collaborate to achieve the common goals set by leadership, either to achieve the specific goal set for short term or long term strategy with a vision to accomplish set by the leadership or Management of an organization.

Since the topic about collaborative mode by people, freelancers too join hands to execute the specific project since this calls for a teamwork, various competencies and skills requires to accomplish the project, work or a product.

Well, people or a company, we’ve got all at so start collaborating people or companies.


Collaboration News

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Why Cotake?

  • Easy Collaboration Journey– All know it’s very tough to collaborate with like-minded of Entrepreneurs and it takes lots of effort to look for them then need to gather all the information about them.  Cotake makes this tough  Journey very short for you, Now you just to vist our platform and you will find thousands of like-minded  Entrepreneurs who are interested to collaborate with you.
  • Cotake Team Support – Cotake team supports 24/7  to help you in succeded while adopting the collaborative platform.
  • Collaboration News –Every Day we gather all the latest collaboration and other business-related news from around the world and keep you updated



What Entrepreneurs say about us
CEO is a really amazing platform for Startups and SME, it’s really increasing the pace of Indian Start-up by promoting and facilitating Collaboration Platform.


Its really a great platform to get the update of the business world through the  Cotake collaboration News


Cotake is really helping start-Up like us we wanted to grow on right pace and through this platform, we are able to find companies who are willing to collaborate and achieve mutual success.

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